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Our team is passionate about their work to assist communities in their efforts to deliver services for those in need. ​Our range of experience spans across over 50 years collectively. We have worked at various levels of nonprofit organizations from practitioners to senior level directorships. 

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about disconnected youth

Myth - Young people not in school and not working do not have goals or aspirations.

Fact -  According to a 2012 article by Mimi Corcoran, Fay Hanelybrown, Adria Steinberg, and Kate Tallant,"a representative national survey of several hundred opportunity youth found that 73 percent are 'very confident' or 'hopeful' that they will be able to achieve their goals related to education and career".

Myth- Young people not in school and not working only affects them.

​Fact- When young people are disconnected the cost is steep, not only in lost potential, in taxpayer costs. The taxpayer and social costs for one opportunity youth between the ages of 16 to 24 is $51,350 per year. The taxpayer and social costs dramatically increases by age 25 to $609,840 annually (based on 2011 dollar value). 

Leaders in Transformational Education (L.I.T.E.) work with opportunity youth and their families. We partner with community stakeholders gathering information to identify the unique characteristics of opportunity youth within your community. The L.I.T.E. model is tailored to meet needs and build strengths. We align strategies with our mission and stakeholder goals. Our approach is real world, project based learning; building academic, employment, and social emotional knowledge, skills, and abilities. The L.I.T.E. model is comprehensive, wrapping youth with supports, education, and training to achieve their goals.


You Know Us ...

We are some of the young people in your community. We live in communities and neighborhoods near you and across the country. We are among the 210,000 young people in Illinois identified as disconnected or dropouts. We are considered disengaged from traditional systems of education and employment. We are " opportunity youth" young people with hopes and dreams that have challenges preventing us from being successful. 

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