L.I.T.E. Coaching

When individual team members have needs met, develop skills, and become stronger; the whole team is successful and can lift each to their individual potential.


We build confidence in the ability to succeed through activities that are challenging and motivate young people to learn. 

  • No one size fits all learning plans 
  • Participants work toward mastery of content 
  • Targeted learning objectives are developed 
  • Participants have a team of supports 
  • 24/7  web based activities 
  • Participants are part of the identification, design, implementation, and evaluation process

  • LITE is dedicated to high customer satisfaction.
  • LITE alumni are actively involved in our evaluation process

Key Stakeholders:
L.I.T.E.  values its community supporters 

  • Participants
  • Educational
  • Legal
  • Business
  • Service providers
  • Faith-based providers
  • Families
  • Government
  • L.I.T.E. connects young adults to nontraditional     pathways with hands-on, real world, project based learning.
  • Our model is built on a positive youth development foundation
  • L.I.T.E. collaborates with community-based services
  • L.I.T.E. is a team-centered approach to youth and   community development
    • L.I.T.E. services include training and educational     components for youth 
    • L.I.T.E. offers a diverse, social safe haven. 
    • L.I.T.E. provides community professional                  development for its network of supporters

L.I.T.E. Entrepreneur Program
The capstone component of our model is to promote entrepreneurship 

  • Participants will practice their skills and abilities within an actual work environment.
  • Participants will receive on-the-job training support. 
  •  Participants will receive multi-level feedback and coaching support including technical and soft skill training. 

Our Design

The Leaders In Transformational Education (L.I.T.E.) model is designed for young adults (17-24) that have dropped out of traditional school settings and are not working. The model is for young adults at various levels of disconnect from those educational systems. The L.I.T.E. model builds its foundation in positive youth development where participants are actively engaged in their process as key decision makers. L.I.T.E. recognizes the unique abilities and challenges of young dropouts and the importance of wrap-around services that include their personal network. ​​


Technology is a critical component of our model.

  • Interactive mobile platform training 
  •  Online learning groups
  • Web based project 
  • ​Live stream global learning
  • Quarterly participant presentations 

Leaders in Transformational Education

L.I.T.E. Model