Societal Cost


  • Opportunity youth earn $9,800 less than youth working part-time and in school. Tax gaps: opportunity youth pay $1,680/youth less in taxes than youth working part-time and in school annually.


  • 63% of all youth crime is correlated to opportunity youth. The annual fiscal burden of crime and costs of victims is $39,240/youth. Crime burden does not include cost for incarceration.

Health Care & Welfare

  • 27.8% opportunity youth are on Medicaid total cost for healthcare $2.380/youth annually. Opportunity youth are more likely to receive welfare at $1,220/youth annually.

How You Can Help

​​​Employers Provide work opportunities for youth.

Local government - Negotiate community supports.

Colleges - Create a bridge for opportunity youth preparedness to post secondary education.

High Schools- Let's work to re-engage disconnected youth.

Service Providers- Let's work together to create wrap around services and community supports for the whole family.

Individuals- Work with us to support opportunity youth in your community as a volunteer, intern, donor, or employee as we grow

Donations will support

​​Create their Opportunity...

All donations help to provide an opportunity for youth

$1- $100 program materials

$250 knowledge, skills, and abilities diagnostics

$250 progress assessments

$500 experiential learning activities

$1000 -$5000 direct services including:

  • Wrap Around facilitation 
  • Soft skill development
  • LITE coaching
  • Educational enhancement
  • Training and development

How much does it cost you when a young person drops out of school? 

​When young adults are disconnected from school, job experiences, and civic engagement the costs are high.​​